Paul Maroon • Owner/Vintner

PAUL MAROON became interested in winemaking over 40 years ago while as a young man helping his uncle make wine in Pennsylvania. In the back of his mind he always knew that for him Napa Valley was the place to be. Paul visited as often as possible throughout the years and finally in 2000 realized his dream and relocated to the Napa Valley. Here he began his life as a vintner and Paul has been growing grapes and making fine wines ever since. He married his beautiful wife, Reneé in September of 2013.

KELLY DARTER, a sixth-generation Napa Valley native, is our General Manager. Kelly came to us with an extensive background in marketing, PR and customer service – not to mention an in depth knowledge of the Napa Valley. Her family dates back to the early 1800’s, so if you want to know something about Napa, ask Kelly. She and her husband John and son Cody, also a native Napan, enjoy travel, snowboarding and of course, fine wine and dining!

Kelly Darter • General Manager

SERAFIN RUBIO is one of the best viticulturists in the Napa Valley. As the Italians say, great wine is made in the vineyard, and Serafin keeps proving that over and over. We have been very fortunate to have him with us for 15 years. Thanks to Serafin, we have never had a bad vintage.

Serafin Rubio • Vineyard Manager